• The Kee Anchor system can be used on roofs up to a 5 degree slope
  • Multi purpose weights can be used with the KeeGuard roof edge protection system
  • Suitable for use on Mineral Felt and Single ply membrane roof surfaces
  • Corrosion resistant for long lasting service
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for use with lanyards and Energy Absorption devices conforming to EN354, EN355 and EN 360

The Kee Anchor System is designed for use on roofs where there are no permanent guardrails, such as Kee Guard, or other anchor devices, in order to allow safe freedom of movement around the roof space.

The Kee Anchor system offers the solution to the problem of minimal time maintenance operations for those jobs requiring occasional roof access. The system's modular components have been designed for ease of assembly on site and for transporting the system to site. For added safety all of the weights that come into contact with the roof are fitted with protective anti-slip rubber pads.

The Kee Anchor system offers a low maintenance, reliable and simple to assemble solution to working at heights requiring no drilling, special anchorage or penetration of the roof membrane. All components are zinc coated to ensure long lasting corrosion resistance and the grubscrews used in the system are case hardened and feature KeeKoat protection.

Standards: EN795 Class A1, BS7883 Class E and ISO14567

Technical data sheet