PBH14 - anti-suspension trauma

  • Rear 'D' attachment point
  • Front sternum attachment
  • Easy to don via click lock buckle
  • Carbon steel fittings black powder coated
  • Side working positioning 'D's
  • Alloy rings, cam buckles, and click lock buckles
  • Water repellent and UV resistant polyester webbing
  • Padded leg loops and shoulder yoke
  • 150kg rated

The Checkmate SUPINE Harness has been developed with the goal of eliminating harness induced 'Suspension Trauma' after a fall. The time critical rescue is no longer so critical, in the words of an independent medical professional:

"The Supine Harness represents a quantum leap in harness design and will vastly reduce post-fall injury".

By attaching to the sternum D, the SUPINE harness becomes a very comfortable sit harness for carrying out work tasks when suspended for long periods of time.

With the addition of an EN358 waistbelt, the SUPINE PBH14 is now even more versatile and offers two work positioning side D's.

Standards: EN361, EN813 & EN358

Technical data sheet