ALF - automatic locking arrest pulley

Checkmate's Automatic Locking Fall Arrest Pulley provides temporary and semi-permanent safety for climbing vertical structures such as ladders.

The ALF has been devised to provide maximum versatility for users. The innovative design allows rope lengths to be adjusted and configured to virtually any height of climb, which makes this product the perfect option for temporary or short-duration work on sites such as wind turbines. However, the durability of the heat-treated and anodised aluminium and stainless steel design means that it is also the ideal product for use in semi-permanent applications such as rope courses, where it can be left outside and used regularly with little deterioration.

With the pulley weighing only 2.2kg, the ALF is both lightweight and compact, making transportation simple. With low arrest forces and a max user weight of between 100kg and 140kg, Checkmate has designed the perfect versatile fall arrest pulley that combines cost-effectiveness with safety and security.

Standards: EN360 100kg ANSI Z359.1 140kg

Technical data sheet