How to achieve smooth transition through intermediate and corner brackets has vexed lifeline engineers for decades. Our new CheckLine Ball provides a revolutionary solution.

The ultra-compact CLB trolleys have a unique stainless steel ball-bearing device with a swivel handle, allowing the device to be pulled as close to the centre line of the cable as possible, providing smooth movement like never before. The device can be used on either side of the lifeline.

The CLB comes in a number of forms:

  • The removable model opens by a simple two-movement button, and can be fitted to the line at any point.
  • The fixed model enters the system via an inline spring-loaded gateway, which can be fitted at the end of the system or along the lifeline as required.
  • The overhead trolley is a permanently installed feature, and has been designed to run on the CheckLine II system. The wheels, rollers and bearing allow the trolley to move over the intermediate brackets without interruption, even with a fall arrest block attached.