RALF - rescue automatic locking fall arrest pulley

Checkmate's Personal Evacuation Device 5 is designed to provide immediate emergency evacuation for those working in confined spaces or in work and rescue tasks.

Checkmate's Rescue Automatic Locking Fall Arrest Pulley is the simplest and safest rescue/work positioning device in the world, designed lightweight and compact for usability.

The RALF uses the same technology as the ALF, and can be set up with any combination of prussik pulleys to create a 3:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage with virtually any length of rope. The result is a simple hauling system for one or two person loads, with a maximum user weight of 250kg. If at any point during ascent or descent the user loses control, the overspeed brake will lock, arresting a fall within a few inches.

Through a locking mechanism designed not to be a one-use system, our RALF is a cost-effective choice in that it does not require servicing after every fall arrest, but only biannually. With its modular design, the replacement of parts is inexpensive and simple to execute.

Standards: ANSI Z359.4 250kg