T01L - t-line fall arrest and rescue device

The T-Line is a fall arrest and retrieval device with a difference... With 2 separate lines running from the same block, the system can be used in a V configuration which can eliminate pendulum swings should a fall occur. This device is easier to install and safer to use than traditional Fall Arrest Systems. The T01L has a 24m span.

  • Weight: 27.5kg
  • Twin line pulley
  • Self-retracting, self-locking
  • Short activation distance
  • Integrated rescue winch
  • Max Span: 24m
  • Max Vertical Range - 24m span: 20m
  • Max Vertical Range - 18m span:18m
  • Max Vertical Range - 12m span: 12m
  • Max Fall Arrest Force: 6.0kN
  • Max Fall Arrest Distance: 1.8m
  • Max user weight: 136kg

Standards: EN360 & ANSI

Technical data sheet