PED5 - personal evacuation device

Checkmate's Personal Evacuation Device 5 is designed to provide immediate emergency evacuation for those working in confined spaces or in work and rescue tasks.

The PED5's innovative design allows it to work in conjunction with a variety of equipment, including bosuns chairs, harnesses and rescue slings, and be attached to portable anchorages such as tripods, davits or a fixed structures, making it the ultimate device for confined space rescue. With the kernmantle rope running through a top and bottom pulley, the user can ascend or descend independent of another person. In rescue, or during an assist, another person can help raise or lower the user with an ascender, independent of the person in the chair or harness.

Supplied self-contained in a bag, the PED5 is a lightweight, compact product designed for easy stowage and transportation.

Standards: EN341 Type A