QUADPLEX - webslings

Checkmate's Quadplex Web Slings offer all of the benefits of the Simplex variety, whilst adding even greater strength and load possibilities than Simplex and Duplex.

Our Quadplex Web Slings are manufactured from polyester and come colour-coded for simple identification of strength. Safe working loads for Quadplex are between 12t and 24t. These web slings can come with becket eyes, flat eyes, reversed eyes or a range of other compatible hardware. They are specially designed to be light and flexible for easy handling, and to absorb shock loads.

Quadplex Web Slings are manufactured for superior performance: they are unaffected by grease or oil and will not damage the surface of the goods being lifted. Wear sleeves are available for protection, and these slings are easily examined for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Complies with: EN 1492-1:2000