• Material:polyester
  • Standard SWL: 1,000kg up to 12,000kg - Colour coded
  • Heavy duty SWL: 12t up to 100t - Colour Orange
  • Circ: up to 40mtrs
  • Factor of safety: 7:1
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Absorbs shock loads
  • Light and flexible makes them easy to handle
  • Wear sleeves available to protect from abrasion and sharp objects in either webbing or polyurethane
  • Will not damage the surface of the goods being lifted
  • Unaffected by sunlight, humidity, grease, oil, dirt or sea water
  • Certificates of conformity are supplied with goods
  • Easily examined

Standard and heavy duty roundslings are made from high tenacity polyester yarn encased in a colour coded tubular sleeve of durable woven polyester fabric.