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We can focus on exactly what our clients are telling us they need.

Mark Hesslegrave

Commercial Director, Checkmate Group

Having been with Checkmate for almost 20 years, Commercial Director Mark Hesslegrave has seen the good times and the tough times come and go.

A proud Yorkshireman, he likes to think of himself as the one constant throughout the incredible period of growth seen at Checkmate in the past 10 years.

Before he joined Checkmate, Mark was in sales and a key account manager for the world’s largest wire rope manufacturer and a lifting gear distribution company, respectively.

Now boasting more than 45 years’ experience in the lifting industry, Mark is part of a management team whose ethos, under the leadership of Managing Director, Oliver Auston, is to become even more customer focused than ever before.

Mark wholeheartedly agrees with this view saying, “We can focus on exactly what our clients are telling us they need. As architects create evermore complex buildings, which demand evermore innovative solutions for health and safety, we can concentrate our resources on developing the right solutions for our customers”.

And when he’s not working for Checkmate? Mark is a keen sportsman citing football, tennis, table tennis and badminton as his preferred games.