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Atomic Weight – The Atom-X Series Gets Heavy

30th March 2016

Atomic Weight – The Atom-X Series Gets Heavy

Introducing our new heavy weight Atom X series

Packing a huge punch with 180kg (400lbs) of user weight and class leading fall distances (<0.6m/24″ ANSI) and average forces (<6kN) the ALL NEW ATOMX-HW series is a big hitter.

If that was not enough we have also just completed the development of a Fall Factor 2 variant, the ATOMX-HW2. This device can handle a foot level tie off with user weights of up to 150kg (330lbs) and still meet CE and ANSI compliance.

At Checkmate we develop products to exceed the standards across the World and if we increase the user weight outside of the baseline set by any standard, we increase the test load for ALL the tests too, something we know many of our competitors simply DO NOT.

So if you want the smallest and lightest SRL on the market, with the fastest lock on speed, webbing made with Dyneema®, swivel load indicator and class leading compliance, the choice is simple.

Welcome to the next generation of the ATOM-X from Checkmate, exclusively available from our OEM partners and Distributor network.

Don’t settle for imitation products, demand the best, still proudly made in Britain by Great Britons.

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