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Checkmate’s new recycling service CheckBack is launched

11th August 2014

Checkmate’s new recycling service CheckBack is launched

We very much regret to advise you that our recycling initiative is no longer available because the waste company we were using has withdrawn this service.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and should this change in the future we will let you know.

For nearly four decades Checkmate have been manufacturing textile lifting slings, lashings and a range of height safety equipment. Rather shamefully, at the end of a textile product’s life most items are simply scrapped and sent to landfill where it is estimated to take several hundred years for the polyester or polyamide fibres to break down. In fact some never truly degrade at all leaving a permanent scar on the planet. This is also the case during manufacturing and most of the industry waste is also sent to landfill.

Our efforts over the years have included reducing our waste products by using all scraps and off cuts to make things like wear pads and reinforced eyes, we have even turned old slings into a product called Dunbar. This is an up-cycled product that utilises old lifting slings, cut into 75cm sections and sandwiched 8 ply high, the webbing is then either sewn or bonded together to create solid sections of dunnage for the shipping industry. It has the added benefit of not rotting like timber, nor does it require any heat treatment as it is not prone to infestations.

Until very recently this was really the only viable solution for old lifting slings and even then we could only use certain sizes and constructions.

Over the years we have experimented with a whole host of new ideas and concepts on what we could do with all our waste product and end-of-life product, these have included being used as rebar substitute, GRP backing material, melting then extruding and even making sea defences. None have proved viable.

From Sling Backs to Carpet Backs

Finally a lucky breakthrough, a local recycling company who were aware of our issues decided to take up the challenge but this time with more success. Together we have successfully managed to grind the polyester or polyamide down and this is then exported and used as the backing material for carpets and rugs.

At last we are able to sustainably recycle any woven polyester or polyamide webbing and even old ropes too. Not only that but we can do this for the same price as landfill but without leaving lasting effects and damage to the environment. We call this service CheckBack.

Time to Weigh In

All you need to do is apply online for your free CheckBack bag, fill it with your dry waste polyester or polyamide material, weigh it, and return it back to us along with a Purchase Order covering the cost of recycling. The costs are worked out on a pro rata basis per/tonne. In return we will send you a Green Recycling Certificate and you know you have done your bit to keep the environment cleaner and safer for longer.

Contact us to find out how to get your free CheckBack recycling bag