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Checkmate have released a comprehensive tool lanyard range

3rd August 2018

Checkmate have released a comprehensive tool lanyard range

Any firm that regularly works at height has to contend with the security of their personnel. This not only concerns ensuring the workers at height are suitably protected, but also concerns the safety of those on the ground.

When objects such as screwdrivers are dropped from height they become lethal weapons to any below. If tools are not properly secured they can pose a serious threat to health and safety that can result in serious injury or death.

Not to mention, firms do not want to incur the cost of damaged equipment if it is dropped at height. Checkmate now has created a solution for this endemic problem. Its new CheckLash range is a series of five tool lanyards that have been designed to protect tools, personnel and firms.

Adam Chipperfield, Checkmate’s testing and development engineer, said this:

“The range is designed not only to maximise safety, but to be comfortable and exceptionally easy to use with other equipment thanks to its huge range of attachment options.”


Checkmate have a reputation for solving problems in innovating ways. Checkmate’s CheckLash range is no different, enabling firms to protect their equipment and personnel much more reliably. The CheckLash range is now available to all Checkmate’s operating distributors.

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