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Checkmate Knights do Dusseldorf

26th November 2013

Checkmate Knights do Dusseldorf

The Checkmate Knights made a stand on a recent tour of duty at A+A in Dusseldorf where they unveiled new products, showcased Agent X’s latest video and held a pre-launch party of epic proportions.

The show ran from November 5-8, 2013 and saw the international debut of many new and innovative Checkmate height safety products, including The MAX and Supine Safety Harness.

The MAX is Checkmate’s first foray into the word of Constant Rate Descenders (CRDs) and was welcomed with a lot interest from both end users and competitors alike. The most versatile CRD on the market and packed full of innovative features, the MAX is for use by up to three people and is available for both automatic hands-free operation and multiple descent models with advanced rescue functionality.

The Supine Safety Harness is the first multi-purpose fall arrest harness that eliminates the risk of suspension trauma. Manufactured from water-repellent and UV-resistant polyester webbing, carbon steel highly durable materials, the Supine harness is designed to save lives in all conditions.

“ Fantastic location, excellent choice of people, great movie, superb products – it was that good, everyone will be wondering what Checkmate plan to do for the A+A 2015!!!! ”