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Checkmate Seaenergy Awarded Cash For Anaconda Development

22nd August 2017

Checkmate Seaenergy Awarded Cash For Anaconda Development

Anaconda wave energy technology developer Checkmate Seaenergy in Sheerness awarded cash from Scottish government scheme

A company researching the potential of wave energy has been awarded £727,000 to continue its development.

Checkmate Seaenergy, based in Sheerness, was given the cash by Wave Energy Scotland, an initiative backed by the Holyrood government.

The business has spent six years developing a patented device called the Anaconda, which converts wave energy into electricity.

The cash-injection will be used to develop a new prototype and to improve its “tube absorber technology”.

The firm’s chief executive is Des Crampton, a former managing director of Medway Ports in Sheerness Docks and an ex-engineering manager at the town’s old steel works.

Chairman Paul Auston said: “The funding represents a significant milestone in the Anaconda journey.”

“Investment into the invention has been mainly funded by Checkmate from its own resources.”

“With Wave Energy Scotland, an arm of the Scottish government, providing, cumulatively, over a million pounds of additional investment,
this is a clear signal of confidence in the invention and in its ability to deliver a step change in the costs of generating electrical
power from the waters around coastal areas.”

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