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Copycat Fight

6th November 2015

Copycat Fight

Checkmate Lifting & Safety Ltd WILL defend its intellectual property rights, without fail.

“If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then apparently, I am not easily flattered. For me, it’s not about doing what is commercially sensible now, it’s about doing the right thing without compromise.”
Oliver Auston, Managing Director of Checkmate Lifting & Safety Ltd.

The CheckLine HLL125 Horizontal Lifeline System has been sold successfully across the globe for the past eight years by Checkmate, our OEM partners and valued Distributors. Compatibility with our own anchorage solutions, lanyards and SRL’s has been empirically demonstrated. With years of technical research and independent testing in both static and dynamic environments, we have established trust with our end-customers based upon its proven reliability and exclusive capability to span 25 metres while supporting four users.

Don’t trust your life to untried and unproven look-a-likes and ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS.

Copycat products may or may not have been built with the same quality materials, and other manufacturers may not have the benefit of the many years of experience that we have in providing high quality, testing and technical support, day-in and day-out. We are pioneers in the science and engineering behind Horizontal Lifeline Technology. The imitators are just that; mimicry does not equal know-how.

Our HLL125 system, and in particular the labelling have been carbon copied, which is an infringement of our international copyright in the wording and diagrams used on the label. The HLL125 system is also protected by unregistered design right in the United Kingdom. Legal action has already been taken to assert our intellectual property rights, and more importantly, to protect the end-users of these products who may mistakenly conclude from the extremely close appearance of the copied product to the HLL125 system, including the copied product marking that these copies are authorised by Checkmate and must therefore also embody our high standards of engineering and quality assurance.

Any OEM partners, Distributors and End-Users should be aware that Checkmate takes no responsibility for the compatibility of these look-a-like products with any related products, systems or sub-systems. The use of the patented ecoAnchor system is strictly limited for use with the Checkmate HLL125 system and other Checkmate approved products and connecting devices. Serious injury or death may result from the use of incompatible equipment.

Please contact Checkmate if you have any questions or concerns.