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Discover Checkmate’s new Xplorer range

1st June 2015

Discover Checkmate’s new Xplorer range

Although our exciting new Xplorer range has been developed specifically for the adventure leisure market, it is also suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

The Xplorer Harness

More comfortable than a conventional harness for short periods of suspension, making it perfect for leisure/adventure activities. It also functions well in a wide range of industrial use cases and fits both males and females.

Redesigning a revolutionary new safety harness for the leisure industry coupled with the need to find a truly comfortable and safe harness, particularly for children, pushed our design and engineering teams to totally rethink how we develop products for the future.

The end result is our most intuitive, innovative and most capable leisure market harness ever!

The Xplorer Adjustable Rope Lanyard

Designed to prevent a worker falling from height. It has a wide range of connectors, and a three bar slider for quick length adjustment.

Click here to view or download the Xplorer brochure.