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Introducing the Max Fire Evac Descender Kit

28th January 2015

Introducing the Max Fire Evac Descender Kit

Turbine fires are the second most common cause of turbine incident. Checkmate has developed an industry leading descender which will set the standard in the Wind Industry: The Max Fire Evac.

Current rescue equipment is not rated for use in fires or speed descents, so the Max Fire Evac is the only system which substantially increases survival rates in the event of fire the nacelle. With D2 Technology, Checkmate have reduced escape times and increased the resistance to heat with Technora ropes with thermal ranges of up to 500°C. After extensive trials at our dedicated testing and training facility in Kent, the Max Fire Evac is ready to emerge across the European marketplace as the industry standard – a standard that will save lives for the future.

The Max Fire Evac features:

  • Cam feed feature for fast bail-out
  • Technora rope heat resistant up to 500°C
  • Compact and lightweight harness
  • Standard kit up to 120m working length

Watch the Max Fire Evac in action here: