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Man Overboard As The Checkmate Wakeboard Crew Take To The Water

23rd April 2014

Man Overboard As The Checkmate Wakeboard Crew Take To The Water

It’s boat season again and the Checkmate Wakeboard Crew have dusted off their gear, squeezed in the mouldy and still damp from last season wetsuits, and braved sub-10 degree water already… only to find themselves in the middle of a man over board drill carried out by the local Lifeboat crew.

Duncan Barrier – Checkmate’s Technical Manager, was left floating in the water after a double toe edge tumble. Fortunately for Duncan the Sheerness RNLI rib crew was close to hand to haul him back in.

Meanwhile back on the boat, senior coxswain Mark Hesslegrave (AKA the Hess) nonchalantly sipped a stout and asked if the drill would take long!

Chris Stockbridge, Checkmate’s newest design engineer recruit donned his new Moustache attired board and hit the water…

As ever, the standard was high in the maiden outing and the Checkmate MD AKA “Peter Pan” had to raise his game and the bar. It’s worth noting we are not publishing the major concussion-filled previous trip, moreover just the “looking good ones”.

Keep checking our site for updates on the Wakeboard team and it’s adventures, but as Oliver said after his own speculator tumble “never confuse ambition with ability” cause it really disappoints and hurts in the morning!