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27th September 2010

Paul Auston – Past, Present, Future

Having been at the operational forefront of the Checkmate Group for the entire thirty years of the company’s existence, Paul has long understood that succession planning would be crucial to Checkmate’s on-going development.

Those who know Paul will tell you that he never makes a knee jerk decision. Ever since his son Oliver joined the company back in the summer of 2000 he has been acutely aware that the business critical question of ascendancy must be carefully dealt with.

Paul explains, “Oliver has taken on, and developed Checkmate’s Safety Division over the last 10 years and has shown, through his sheer hard work and attention to detail, that he can manage people, retain staff and customers; and build the company profitability at the same time.”

Paul is absolutely sure that the careful mentorship of Oliver, Checkmate’s next Managing Director, is to the benefit of customers and staff alike.

“We have been closely monitoring the performance of the management team and are delighted with the results that Oliver has generated over the past few years,” says Paul.

“We have a strong and very knowledgeable board here at Checkmate that has experienced both the good times and the bad.” The board comprises of Paul, as Group Chairman, and a trio of very experienced Non-Executive Directors; Des Crampton, Sir Roger Moate and Richard Price.

All of the board members have a vast business acumen coupled with a long-standing emotional attachment to the Checkmate Group.

“Oliver will certainly be challenged by the board,” Paul said. “and I know Oliver will be under no illusion that the spotlight will be firmly on him and the decisions he makes. Checkmate has great opportunities to grow still further and I’m confident, under Oliver’s leadership, Checkmate has a very bright future indeed.”

So is Paul retiring? Far from it! Paul is still very busy with the latest incarnation of the Checkmate brand – Anaconda (see page 6 of the full brochure).

The Economist New York predicted Anaconda could be the “defining energy product of its generation”. A view endorsed by Paul who has spent the last two years with the SeaEnergy team honing the product and ensuring its long term viability.

Paul will also be spending time developing sales for our marine export customers via our JV PWS, his expertise will ensure clients get the same quality and service they expect from Checkmate.

Paul summed it all up, “Without question the future looks exceptionally exciting; and with a new Managing Director, new products, new markets to develop and a burgeoning reputation for innovation to cement, I’m sure I’ll be kept busy for a few more years yet!”

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