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The Supine

2nd November 2013

The Supine

Checkmate’s latest innovation is the world’s first multi-purpose fall arrest harness that automatically eliminates suspension trauma by keeping the wearer in a supine position after falling from height.

Eliminating the risk of suspension trauma

  • The unique action of the Supine Safety Harness puts the wearer into the supine position with the upper legs parallel to the ground and the upper body reclined
  • The leg straps automatically become slack, thus eliminating pressure on vital arteries

The Supine Safety Harness will deploy automatically during the fall into the supine position whether the wearer is conscious or unconscious, ensuring the best possible situation for preventing further injury.


A fall arrest harness in its normal state but with shoulder straps manually deployed, the Supine Safety Harnesscan be used as a:

  • Work positioning harness
  • Rescue Harness
  • Confined safety harness
  • Bosun’s chair

Peace of mind

  • With the Supine Safety Harness, you can be sure the wearer will be safer at work
  • Should a fall occur, the wearer will be put in the best possible recovery position

Easy to Don

The Supine Safety Harness has a unique design, which makes it easier and faster to put on and requires less training than separate harnesses for different purposes

Principal features:

  • Sculpted thermoformed shoulder pack
  • Deployable shoulder strap
  • Lightweight forced alloy pivot rings
  • Ergonomic contoured independent swivelling leg seat pads