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Whatever floats your boat

20th October 2016

Whatever floats your boat

Checkmate deliver a Speedy response in Teesside

Speedy Teesside recently gave us an extremely interesting and challenging job – re-floating a 60-year-old fishing vessel called The Northumbria.

The Northumbria had been under restoration for the last three years to get it back in working order and Checkmate was commissioned to supply the heavy lifting slings required to return the vessel to the River Tees where it belongs.

The Northumbia has a weight of 20 tonnes, and doing this effectively and safely presented a unique technical challenge as the slings had to be accurately matched for length and at 24m to get the clearance of the masts was no mean feat.

Within two days of receiving the first phone call we manufactured and delivered a matching pair of 20t x 24m Quadplex webbing slings. The slings were used in conjunction with an H frame made up of a 50t top beam and two 30t spreaders supplied by Speedy to avoid crushing the hull.

By working closely together with Speedy Teesside the lift went perfectly to plan in August 2016. The Northumbria is now safely back in the River Tees awaiting her next voyage.