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ATOM-Xtreme - mini fall arrest block

Checkmate ATOM-XTREME lightweight fall arrest block. ATOM-XTREME is the smallest and lightest fall arrest block in its class in the world. Its lightweight chassis, PC ABS housing and webbing made with Dyneema® contribute to its outstanding strength and performance. The ATOM XTREME range is a totally new concept in design engineering and has a revolutionary triple micro pawls lockout system and a full internal braking mechanism. The ATOM-X-107 can be used for TIE-BACK anchorage around a suitable structure, see TDS 183. The ATOM XTREME can also be used for foot level tie with a maximum user weight of 100kg (220lbs), (excludes ATOM-X-107). All models can be linked together with a dual kit to make a twin leg variant.

product features

  • Bottom Connector EN362 & ANSI Z359.12 rated snap/scaff hook including ANSI 3600lbs gate rating
  • Webbing Webbing made with Dyneema® = 20mm - minimum breaking load 15kN
  • Capacity 1.8 metres (6ft)
  • Maximum Arresting Force 8kN (1800lbs) – ANSI
    6kN (1350lbs) – EN
  • Average Arresting Force 6kN (1350lbs) or less – ANSI
    4kN (900lbs) or less – EN
  • User Weight ANSI
    Overhead anchorage (no freefall): 130-420lbs (59-190kg) inc. tools and equipment
    Freefall Max. 2ft: 130-310lbs (59-141kg) inc. tools and equipment

    Overhead anchorage (no freefall): 150kg maximum inc. tools and equipment


  • EN 360
  • ANSI Z359.14-2014 Class A
  • OSHA 1910
  • OSHA 1926 Subpart M


  • Dyneema® and Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™ are trademarks of DSM. Use of these trademarks is prohibited unless strictly authorized.

principal materials

  • External Housings PC ABS. High strength and rigidity. UV stabilised
  • Shaft Steel zinc plated & passivated
  • Chassis Hot rolled steel zinc plated & passivated
  • Pawl Steel, hardened - zinc plated & passivated
  • Bearing Plates PTFE
  • Connectors Aluminium or steel connector options

Product Video


Triple Micro Pawls

The three pawls operate independently for faster lock on. Internal slipping brake controls the fall energy without the need for an external pouch.


Load Bearing Steel Chassis

The internal hot rolled steel chassis provides a structural metallic core beneath the external protective housing.


PC/ABS Housing

The high strength palmsize housing is robust and durable giving protection to the mechanical assembly and internal parts.


Fall Arrest Indicating Swivel

The swivel incorporates a fall indicator, which clearly shows if the device has been subjected to a shock load.


Alloy Scaffold Hook

Optional 23kN rated ANSI Z359.12, 3600lbs gate rated alloy scaffold hook.


Dual Yoke Assembly

The ATOM-XTREME Dual allows continuous connection when transferring between anchorages. Both devices work independently, and also freely rotate and swivel for correct alignment.


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