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Cembre Crimper - Checkline II

A portable, battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool, that offers effortless operation even in confined spaces or locations with no power supply.

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Equipped with Li – Ion 18V 4Ah batteries, the Cembre Crimper B1300-C offers greater capacity than the previous 14.4 V 3 Ah versions. Faster compression and greater crimping force result from the new two-speed hydraulic system: a high approach speed which automatically switches to a low crimping speed, ensuring optimal use of the available energy. Including a maximum pressure sensor for enhanced precision and repeatability of the maximum pressure cycle, and a pressure relief valve providing additional safety feature for the operator. The more rigid structure of the bi-component plastic body provides greater mechanical protection while its rubber inserts boost operator safety and comfort. The integrated memory card enables the user to store data from up to 200,000 compression cycles for transfer to a computer via a USB communication interface.

Principal Features

  • Lightweight and balanced for one hand operation
  • 132kN crimping force
  • 180° Head rotation
  • Mechanically interlocked buttons to prevent accidental operation
  • Automatic motor cuts out upon completion of crimping operation
  • Fitted with an integral socket, for 12V DC external power supply
  • Double speed action for rapid die approach and a slower more powerful speed for crimping

Kit Contents

  • Basic tool complete with battery shoulder strap
  • Spare battery
  • Battery charger
  • Plastic carrying case suitable for storing the tool and 12 Die sets


  • UNI ENV 25349 & UNI EN 28662 Part 1st Standards

OLED Display

Provides real time tool operating data such as crimping pressure and force generated, battery power availability, tool identification, tool service required and more.


Hand Grip

Anatomically shaped grip for greater comfort and improved balance to make the crimping process easily manageable with one hand.


LED Work Light

Quieter operation, illumination of the working area via LED lights and minimal vibration during use makes for even more practical use.

Product Video

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