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Ball Trolley - Checkline II

The Checkline Ball Trolley (CLB) is a non-removable trolley designed for the Checkline II horizontal permanent lifeline. It is intended to be fitted via an entry/exit gate (Checkline II End Gate) but if the position of the lifeline creates a hazard to attach or remove the trolley it can be left permanently attached. The shackle is allowed to rotate through 180° allowing the CLB to travel along the 8mm wire rope with the minimum of effort but with the strength of a Class C anchor. The CLB is for single user use only (up to four users per line).

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Principal Materials

  • Main Body Stainless Steel AISI 316 - Powder Coated Red
  • Shackle & Shackle Pin Stainless Steel -AISI 316 Electro Polished


  • These components form part of the Checkmate EN795 system.




Component must be used as part of a complete Checkmate Checkline II system, comprising of Checkmate components ONLY.

Structural engineer approval is required by building owner. Specifying and installing Checkline requires training and written approval from Checkmate – contact Checkmate for details.

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