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D2 - descender kit - MAX fire evac

The D2 Escape Descender is a new & innovative ‘double-stop’ Descender. The newly developed handle operated cam-system stops the descent in an emergency situation, coupled with Technora rope this makes the D2 ideal for rapid escape from open flame and intense heat emergencies. The D2 descender is the only micro-descender in the world to offer this function.

Checkmate Max Fire Evac
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The D2 can be controlled by pushing in the cam (ideally using the thumb) which allows the user to smoothly feed the rope through the device, without the use of the handle. The cam feed feature is particularly useful for fast Bail-out or for work positioning during roof work for example.

The Descender is compact and lightweight, allowing it to be carried on the harness at all times Standard kits are supplied with a 15m (50ft) working length. Other lengths are available upon request. Aramid fibres such as those in Technora rope are ideal for use in applications where fire is the main hazard. Standard kits are assembled with knotted termination (knotted terminations available as standard) 100% Technora® sheath and nylon core.

Technora sheath offers the best heat resistance for extreme temperatures. Offers high resistance to acids, alkalis, organic solvents, sea water, and steam.

Technora provides the highest level of abrasion and cutresistance compared to other high tenacity fibers. Certified to NFPA 1983, 2006 edition, Escape rope.

* Additional cost applies

Product Features

  • Anchorage Technora sling (RA-006)
  • Descender D2 escape descender: Weight-292g
    MBL- 13.5kN Finish: Anodised
    The D2 is CE tested to 120m maximum descent.
  • Connector Aluminium Twist lock Karabiner- MBL: 25kN
  • Rope Technora (RA-006) 8mm Technora
    Elongation at 300 lbs 7.0%
    Sheath material 100% Technora
    Rated to NFPA 1983 fire escape rope
    MBL 19.5kN
    Sewn Eye MBS: LBS (kN) 3215 lbs (14.3kN)
    Maximum temperature 500 degº C
    Weight: 1.4 lbs/50ft
  • Maximum User Weight 140kg (300lbs) with a direct connection

The Kit

  • 1x Technora sling
  • 1x D2 descender
  • 1x Zip top pouch
  • 1x Technora 15m rope
  • 2x Alloy karabiners


  • EN 12841 & NFPA 1983

Durable Body

Anodised Aluminium body gives the D2 descender strength and durability.


Panic Brake

Panic brake function to stop descent in an emergency situation.


Three Functions

The D2 descender has three main functions descent, stop & panic brake.


Rope Kits

Supplied with 15m of Technora rope (standard length kits) other lengths available on request.


Zip Top Pouch

The zip top pouch allows for connection to your harness for convenient transport of the descent rope.



The anchor sling included in the kit allows the user to create a temporary anchorage in an emergency situation.

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