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Checkmate’s Decklash system is a revolutionary product, designed specifically to provide classleading tough and durable lashing solutions for large deck cargos.

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Product Features

  • Minimum Breaking Load: 15t
  • Double barrel take-up (excludes Decklash Mono)
  • PU coated polyester webbing
  • Low stretch webbing nominal >5%
  • Rapid tension release lever

Principal Materials

  • Body High Grade Carbon Steel
  • Springs Stainless Steel
  • Webbing Polyester


  • T.M.O.A 715 (17)

Rapid Tensioning

Rapid tensioning is achieved via the removable ratchet handle.


36mm Socket Drive

Two 36mm socket drives on both sides of Decklash allow for the attachment of the ratchet handle.


Drum Capacity

Up to a combined 4 metres of webbing can be wound onto the two drums.


Fast Discharge

Quick release levers rapidly remove tension when unlashing.


Decklash Mono

Decklash Mono is a smaller, lighter version of the Decklash with all the same features and a single drum to allow a maximum of 2m webbing take-up.



While the cargo is being loaded and secured the Deckanchor can be used for personal tie off. Once all Decklash are fitted a temporary lifeline can be fitted.

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