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ecoAnchor - portable anchor

The second generation ecoAnchor mobile man anchor has all the key benefits of the original but with many new features and innovations. Due to the new manufacturing techniques of hot bonding with stitched and autoclave cured seams there are now no side walls allowing the empty bag to go completely flat.

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The ecoAnchor is a totally unique concept using renewable resources for both manufacture and installation. The ecoAnchor is constructed of a lightweight special natural rubber material that holds the bag in a solid form when filled with water. When installed the weight of the water in the ecoAnchor, combined with the friction generated from the rubber material, provides a secure freestanding anchorage. This can easily be installed without the need to carry steel weights traditionally required for this application. When empty, the ecoAnchor weighs just 11.4kg (25.1lb).


  • Dimensions 1.45m x 1.45m x 0.2m [4’9” x 4’9” x 8”]Nominal
  • Weight Empty = 11.4kg [25.1lb] Full = 400kg [882lb]
  • Pressure Loading 2.7kN/m2 [0.42lb/inch2]
  • Puncture Resistance Meets FED STD 191 part 1520
  • User Weight 100kg MAX
  • Roof Types EPDM, Mineral Felts, Concrete, metal deck, [Separate document for approved surfaces and angles available on request]


  • EN795:1996 Class E


  • Material Neoprene reinforced with Nylon
Fill & Drain Point

Fill & Drain Point

Combined filling and draining point with one way valve. Filler takes standard hose connectors.



Corner vent releases air when filling. When the valve releases water the ecoAnchor is ready to use.

ecoAnchor Label


Clear and concise labelling states the scope and limitations of use.

Single Edge Seam

Watertight seal

Hot bonded and autoclave cured seam around the edge ensures a watertight seal.

ecoAnchor Swivel Attachment Point

360 Degree Swivel

Attachment eye rotates 360 degree for correct orientation during use.

ecoAnchor & HLL

HLL Anchorage

Two ecoAnchors can be used as end anchors for a Checkmate temporary lifeline system by using either an HLL1 or HLL1W.

EcoA_Drain_Fill_F_Clr (Small)


Empty the bag by unscrewing the drain cap. When almost empty, lift the bag to remove the remaining water.

ecoAnchor Storage step 2


Fold twice as shown in photo, carefully expelling any remaining air until flat.

Rolling Instruction


Roll length ways until compressed into a small roll and secure with fitted straps.

Stowing Instruction


Stow anchor back into its holdall for easy stowage and transportation.


ecoAnchor Lifting Net

ecoAnchor-Net Lifting Net

The ecoAnchor can be lifted when full if there are facilities to lift the ecoAnchor into a position with no water supply, or between different locations on site. A bespoke lifting net is available from Checkmate as a separate item, and is the only way to move an ecoAnchor when full. During the lift the pressure valve must be fitted with the supplied stopper, which must be removed before use.

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