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End Gate - checkline II

The entry/exit gate of the Checkline II system is achieved by sliding along the sprung loaded outer cover which reveals the gate. The CLB trolley can then be passed over the thin section and slid onto the cable, the gate cover will close automatically when released. When closed the CLB & CLBR trolley passes over uninterrupted and without assistance. The end gate will be located at the end of a system on the loadcell or damper, it is usually installed where it is safe to disconnect from the horizontal lifeline.

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Principal Materials

  • Gate & Sliding Tube Stainless Steel - Electro Polished
  • Spring & Pins Stainless Steel
  • Backstop Nylon


  • These components form part of the Checkmate EN795 system.




Component must be used as part of a complete Checkmate Checkline SLL system, comprising of Checkmate components ONLY.

Structural engineer approval is required by building owner. Specifying and installing Checkline requires training and written approval from Checkmate – contact Checkmate for details.

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