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HARKEN - Power Seat

The unique Harken PowerSeat™ has revolutionised working at height, providing the worker with the ability to ascend quickly, stay in position longer, and work in comfort. The PowerSeat™ provides quality, convenience, safety and the best solution for completing a task on time.

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  • Maximum User Weight (On Seat) 150kg including tools
  • Maximum Working Load 273kg ‘All Up’
  • Fuel Unleaded petrol (at least 86 octane 91RON)
  • Fuel Economy 0.6 litres will allow a 600m climb distance under full load (approximately)
  • Engine Type Honda GX35 4 stroke, overhead camshaft, single cylinder
  • Ascent Speeds 15m per minute @ 120kg
    11m per minute @ 273kg
  • Maximum Working Height Recommended height range up to 1500m
  • Max Working Angle ± 6° from vertical
  • Rope Semi static 10mm-12.7mm EN1891

Man Riding

The Harken PowerSeat™ allows for 150kg on the seat but 273kg when suspended from the front anchor point.


Powered Winch

Draws rope in from the top of the device as it ‘winds’ its way up at a rate of upto 15m per minute.


Ergonomical Design

The PowerSeat™ is designed to stay in an upright position, eliminating wasted energy trying to maintain it manually.


Fail-Safe Handle

The unit is operated using a fail-safe dead man’s switch to control ascent speed.



Stainless steel loadcarrying gears and pins provide strength and durability. Sealed gearbox and high-load ball bearings reduce friction under load, are corrosion resistant and don’t require lubrication.



The brake system offers complete security against free fall. The encapsulating jaw cover protects against snagging fingers and clothing in the winch.


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