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Loadcell - Checkline II

A Loadcell must be installed in every Checkline II system regardless of whether it is inline or TopFix. It is a visual indicator that the system is under the correct loading or a warning if that load has been exceeded, and also allows for thermal expansion and contraction of the structure that may affect the system tension.

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  • Anchorage Connection Stainless steel toggle anchor to connect to checkline End Post/End Anchor.
  • Wire Rope Connection Connect to 8mm 7x7 or 1x19 stainless steel (316) wire rope by crimping with Checkmate approved battery operated crimper. Alternatively the loadcell can be connected to the wire rope via a swageless adjuster (PPESLL-110A) negating the need for a crimper.
  • Weight 1.70kg


  • These components form part of the Checkmate EN795 approved system.

Principal Materials

  • Body Stainless Steel
  • Pull Sleeve Stainless Steel
  • Spring Sprung Steel. EPD coated
  • End Caps Stainless Steel
  • Swage Adjuster Stainless Steel

Tension Indicator Label

The tension indicator label clearly shows system tension for both in-line and TopFix systems.


Toggle Fork

The toggle fork allows for quick and simple connection to an end post or end anchor.


System Integration

The loadcell can be installed by crimping to the wire rope or via a swageless adjuster.



The loadcell spring is manufactured from EPD coated sprung steel.



Thermal Expansion
The Loadcell allows for thermal expansion of the roof surface and keeps the tension of the system at the correct level.


System Tension Label
The system tension label shows the correct loading to be applied to the wire rope on installation and subsequent servicing. Seperate tension scales are for in-line vs TopFix systems.


Component must be used as part of a complete Checkmate Checkline II system, comprising of Checkmate components ONLY.

Structural engineer approval is required by building owner. Specifying and installing Checkline requires training and written approval from Checkmate – contact Checkmate for details.

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