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LRT & LRTA - twin leg restraint lanyard

Fixed length single or twin leg restraint webbing lanyards with a selection of connectors offer a variety of uses where the user needs to work without the risk of a fall.

Note – Lanyard length is measured between the bearing points of the hooks. Exchanging a karabiner for a scaffold hook could lengthen a lanyard beyond the maximum allowable length under the relevant EN standard.

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Product Features

  • Webbing strength 22kN - minimum breaking load
  • Maximum Length LRT - 2 metres
    LRTA - 4 metres
  • User Weight 100Kg Maximum


  • EN 354 & EN 358 (excluding restraint lanyards longer than 2m, which do not claim conformance to EN 354

Principal Materials

  • Webbing 25mm Polyester
  • End Fittings Alloy or Steel
  • Adjustable Slider Aluminium

25mm Polyester Webbing

Strong and durable with contrast stitching to aid visual inspection.


Twin Leg

Twin leg lanyards allow for 100% safe tie off when moving between anchorages.


Protected Label

Label is shrink wrapped to protect the print from daily wear and tear.


Connector Options

A: Alloy Snap Hook B: Alloy Twist Lock Karabiner C: Alloy Scaffold Snap Hook D: Alloy Twist Lock Scaff Hook E: No Fittings


Sliding Alloy Adjuster

A simple sliding adjuster enables the user to adjust the lanyard length to suit the work task.

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