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PAL - pro absorber lanyard

Our lightest and most compact lanyard which absorbs through a unique displacement core with the outer cover acting as a secondary back up and protection, so no shock absorbing pouch is required. Due to the energy management, the lanyard does not suffer from high peak loads at deployment, instead it increases progressively. This reduces impact forces on the body and typical falls only reach 3.5kN on peak arrest. Available 1.3m to 2m.Note – Lanyard length is measured between the bearing points of the hooks. Exchanging a karabiner for a scaffold hook could lengthen a lanyard beyond the maximum allowable length under the relevant EN standard, and must not be done.

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  • Average Arresting Force Kinetic webbing progressively absorbs energy keeping forces below 6kN (Typically 3.5kN)
  • Maximum Length 2 metres
  • Maximum Arresting Force = 6.0kN
  • Webbing Strength 22kN- minimum breaking load
  • User Weight 100Kg Maximum


  • EN 354 & EN 355

Principal Materials

  • Shock Absorber Polyester Webbing
  • Top Connector 8mm Delta Rapid Link - Carbon Steel (Supplied as standard)
  • Webbing UV resistant polyester
  • Elastication 4mm Shock Cord

Shock Absorbing Webbing

Shock absorbing webbing removes the need for a bulky shock pack.


Label Cover

Labels are protected under a cover that can be retracted to view when needed.


Elasticated Option

Elastic can be inserted into the protective sleeve to contract the overall length reducing snag and trip hazards.


Twin Leg Variants

Extra strengthening webbing under “Y” construction.


Contrast Stitching

To improve ease of inspection, Checkmate uses contrasting high tenacity polyester thread for all stitching.


Deployment Indicator

In the event of a shock load the deployment indicator will tear providing a visual guide to remove from service.

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