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PBH14 - supine harness

The Checkmate Vantage Supine Harness has been developed with the goal of eliminating harness induced ‘Suspension Trauma’ after a fall.

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Principal Materials

  • Attachment Points Rear D attachment point
    Sternum attachment point
    Two Side Work Positioning Attachment Points
  • Fittings Carbon Steel, Black Powder Coated
    Click Lock Buckles
    CAM Buckles
  • Webbing Polyester Webbing - Water Repellent, UV Resistant
    Polyester Elasticated Webbing [10% elasticity}
  • Shoulder & Back Assembly Shoulder Yoke - Thermo Formed Airtex
    Inner Layer and Cordura outer Layers.
    Back Assembly - Polyetherlene Foam
    With Nylon Spreader
  • Waist Belt Thermo Formed Airtex
    Inner Layer and Cordura outer Layers.
  • Weight 3kg
  • User Weight 150kg Maximum [Including tools and equipment]


  • EN 361
  • EN 813
  • EN 358

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Padded Leg Loops

Thermo Formed breathable padding for comfort and support reducing the effects of fatigue.


Back Assembly

Utilising the latest in textile technology for comfort, and support. Innovative design and engineering ensures overhead deployment is safe.


Cam Buckle Adjustment

Alloy cam buckles are fitted as standard making harness adjustment very quick and simple.


Rapid Don Buckles

Click lock buckles for quick and simple donning and removal of harness are standard.


4 Attachment Points

Fall arrest connectivity is achieved via dorsal and sternum D rings. Both connectors will leave the wearer in the ‘SEMISUPINE’ position in the event of a fall. The two Side D’s can be used for work positioning.


Pivot Rings

Pivot rings help the harness maintain its form and transition correctly during deployment & suspension.

Product Features

  • 1. Tactile Neoprene Cover Protects neck & ears during deployment.
  • 2. Cam Buckle For quick and easy adjustment
  • 3. Pivot Rings Harness retains form as user moves
  • 4. Leg Pads Thermo Formed and Breathable
  • 5. Back Pad Breatheable for comfort
  • 6. Deployable Back Pad Spreader bar ensures overhead clearance
  • 7. Waist Belt Thermo Formed Work Positioning Waist Belt
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