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Inline Damper - Checkline II

The Inline Damper (PPESLL-115) is used as an energy reducing component in the Checkline II system when fitted without TopFix posts. It is fitted at the end (with a Loadcell at the other end) and secured to the cable using an approved crimper. Alternatively the damper can be connected to the wire rope via a swageless adjuster (PPESLL-110A) negating the need for a crimper.

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  • Anchorage Connection 13mm stainless connector secured with split pin/ring.
  • Wire Rope Connection Connect to 8mm 7x7 or 1x19 stainless steel (316) wire rope by crimping with Checkmate approved battery operated crimper. Alternatively the Damper can be connected to the wire rope via a swageless adjuster (PPESLL-110A) negating the need for a crimper.
  • Weight 3.0kg


  • These components form part of the Checkmate EN795 approved system.

Principal Materials

  • Body Al. Alloy 6082 T6 - Clear Anodised
  • Damper Rod & End Caps Stainless Steel
  • Damper Rubber
  • Swage Adjuster Stainless Steel

Damper Unit

The rubber damper unit reduces load forces by up to 40%.


Aluminium Alloy

The damper body is manufactured from Aluminium alloy to reduce weight.


System Integration

The loadcell can be installed by crimping to the wire rope or via a swageless adjuster.


Toggle Fork

The toggle fork allows for quick and simple connection to an end post or end anchor.



In the event of a fall on the Checkline system, the Damper unit will reduce the high energy levels created by up to 40%.


Inline dampers prevent ultimate extremity load build thus protecting the weakest link.


Component must be used as part of a complete Checkmate Checkline II system, comprising of Checkmate components ONLY.

Structural engineer approval is required by building owner. Specifying and installing Checkline requires training and written approval from Checkmate – contact Checkmate for details.

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