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Quick-Switch® Link and Dock - QSS-R

The Quick-Switch® system is the first and only tool tethering solution on the market that allows switching tools from one location to another without leaving open the possibility for a drop. The system does this by using a combination of keys, links, and anchors. Keys allow the use and manipulation of the tools. Links are the mechanism that allows the switching the locations of tools without the opportunity for a drop. Anchors are the points that support the tool in the event of a drop. 

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The Quick-Switch® Link is the part of the system that makes it all work. Each link is paired with each tool and provides the mechanism that makes the system the only tethering system in the world that can switch form one place to another without ever being untied.


Product Features

  • No more dangling tool tethers
  • Reduced impact force in a drop
  • Reduced swing and snag hazard
  • Hands-free tool switching
  • The switching part of the Quick-Switch® system
  • Each switch comes with a Quick-Switch® Dock
  • Vent hole for easy cleaning
  • Tested to last over 100,000 cycles
  • Maximum tool weight 2.7Kg (6lb)


  • Powder-coated aluminium body for corrosion and chemical resistance
  • POM Acetal plastic rocking mechanism, stainless steel spring, brass rivet
  • Nylon cord with PVC tube cover for cut resistance and protection from the elements
  • Non-ferrous crimps
  • Stainless steel carabiner and eyelet


  • ANSI/ISEA 121-2018


  • 9,351,558

Product Video

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