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RAL-OT - rope fall arrest lanyard

The Checkmate Othello range is designed to meet the unique requirements of the entertainment industry, where high performance and low visibility are desirable. All materials and hardware are black and non-reflective wherever possible. Fixed length Kernmantle fibre rope lanyards available in various lengths, maximum 2m, with single or twin leg options to offer 100% tie off when transferring between anchorages.

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Principal Materials

  • Anchorage Connection Range of EN362 approved connectors
  • Length Various, max 2 metres
  • Maximum Arresting Force 6.0kN
  • User Weight 100Kg Maximum


  • EN 354, EN 355

Principal Materials

  • Energy Absorber Pouch Polyester/Nylon tear webbing
    Polyester webbing back up
  • Connector Carbon Steel or Aluminium
  • Connecting Ring Aluminium
  • Choke Ring Aluminium
  • Rope 11mm Kernmantle [static - nylon]
    EN-1891 Type A

Energy absorber

Tear webbing shock absorber - Maximum tear out 1.75 metres.


Eye protection

Fitted at each end termination to protect from wear.


Connecting Ring

Aluminium ring to connect the energy absorber to the rope legs.


Pouch & label cover

Nylon protective cover with velcro for ease of inspection.


Choke Ring

Additional ring allows the lanyard to be choked’ around a suitable structure with a minimum diameter of 150mm.


Oval Connector

Connection to harness is via a screw gate oval link.

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