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RAL - rope absorber lanyard

Fixed length kernmantle fibre rope lanyards available in lengths between 1m and 2m with single or twin leg options to offer 100% tie off when moving around structures.

Note – Lanyard length is measured between the bearing points of the hooks. Exchanging a karabiner for a scaffold hook could lengthen a lanyard beyond the maximum allowable length under the relevant EN standard.

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  • Rope strength 22kN - minimum breaking load
  • Maximum Length 2 metres
  • Maximum Arresting Force = 6.0kN
  • Average Arresting Force = 4.5kN
  • User Weight 100kg maximum (150kg rated variants also available)


  • EN 354 & EN 355

Principal Materials

  • Shock Absorber Pouch Polyamide tear webbing with a polyester webbing backup
  • Connector 8mm Oval Rapide Link
  • Connecting Ring Aluminium
  • Choke Ring Aluminium
  • Rope 11mm Kernmantle EN-1891
    Type A

Shock Pack

Tear webbing shock absorber - Maximum tear out 1.75 metres. Shock pack consists of polyester tear webbing (white) and a length of backup webbing (black).


Wear Sleeves

Additional strength and resiliance is added to any potential wear and stress points.


Connecting Ring

Connectivity between soft components is achieved via an aluminium ring.


Connecting Ring

Twin leg variants also connect to the shock pack via an aluminium ring.


Choke Ring

Specifically for pole work, this additional ring allows for the lanyard to be ‘choked’ around a supporting structure with a minimum diameter of 150mm.


RAL Adjustable

With the addition of an adjustable slider the RAL lanyard can be shortened to the user’s requirements.


Label ID

Lanyard details can be easily found on the label, which is protected by a velcro pouch.


Oval Rapide Link

Connectivity to harness via an oval rapide link as standard.

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