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Rope-Rat - work positioning device

Designed as an easy to use adjustable work positioning device.

Used in conjuction with a full body harness typically with a waist belt such as a PBH04, PBH05 and PBH11 the Rope-Rat provides additional points of contact when working hands free on structures such as fixed ladders, masts, pylons and telecom poles.

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  • User Length 2.0 Metres
  • Max User Weight 136kg Including tools and equipment


  • EN 358:2000

Principal Materials

  • Rope-Rat Aluminium
  • Trigger and Grab Assembly Aluminium
  • Connectors (See separate data sheets) Aluminium, Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Rope 11mm Kernmantle - Static - (Nylon) EN 1891TYPE A

Rope Grab Device

Lightweight alloy capable of taking a range of connectors to suit your application.


Free Running

11mm Kernmantle rope passes freely through a locking cam.


Sprung Trigger

The spring loaded trigger allows the operative to engage and disengage the locking mechanism with one hand.


Kernmantle Rope

Strong, durable and lightweight, Kernmantle rope will withstand the wear and tear of repeated use over a long period of time.


Captive Hook

Task specific hardware can be captivated onto the Rope-Rat system to help ensure correct use in the field.


Captive Plain End

Terminated plain end to ensure the system can not be disassembled or tampered with usually resulting in components being replaced with inferior parts.

Product Dimensions

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