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Skyclamp - personal fall arrest anchor clamp

The Skyclamp™ Personal Fall Arrest Anchor Clamp, P/N RGB3040 is a lightweight adjustable Anchor Clamp that attaches to the bottom flanges of horizontal I-beams using an installation pole (PN SLP7714). The swivelling D-ring allows the attachment of a personal fall arrest device for either one or two individual workers without tangling the attachment cables. Through the use of an adjustable length pole the Skyclamp may be prepositioned onto an overhead I-beam to create an approved fall arrest anchorage point prior to any potential fall exposure.

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  • Max User Weight 310lb (140kg) per person (Max of 2 People)
  • Max Flange Thickness 1.5 inches (38.1mm)
  • Min Beam Strength 5,000lb for 1 user, 10,000lb for 2 users
  • Beam Size Range Outer pin setting:
    15.86-in.(403mm) max
    5.13-in.(130mm) min

    Inner pin setting:
    17.67-in.(448mm) max
    15.72-in.(399mm) min

Principal Materials

  • Anchor High Strength Aluminium
  • Wand Fibreglass & Aluminium


  • OSHA 1926.502 (d)(15)

Adjustable Pins

To increase/decrease useable width


Swivel D Ring

Swivels a full 360 degrees to ensure attachments do not become entangled or twisted.


Extending Wand

Fibreglass pole, expands up to 13' (4m) in length to allow overhead anchorage installation.

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