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TSOT - othello truss strap

The Checkmate Othello range is designed to meet the unique requirements of the entertainment industry, where high performance and low visibility are desirable. All materials and hardware are black and non-reflective wherever possible. Constructed from Polyester webbing and Steel hardware with a protective neoprene label cover.

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Product Features

  • Widths: 25mm & 50mm
  • Eyes: Becket, flat, reversed or a range of compatible hardware.
  • SWL
  • Factor of safety: 7:1
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Light and flexible making them easy to handle
  • Wear sleeves available to protect from abrasion and sharp objects in either polyurethane
  • Unaffected by grease or oil
  • Certificates of conformity are supplied with goods
  • Easily examined

Principal Materials

  • Simplex Webbing: Polyester
  • Flat D Ring: Steel


  • EN 795
  • PD CEN TS 16415 2013
  • EN 1492-1:2000+A1:2008
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