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WG-01 - worm gear winch

The Worm Gear Winch can be used as a primary man-riding winch if used with a suitable backup and rescue device. It can also be used for materials lifting up to 551lbs (250kg).

Product Features

  • Capacity Up to 65ft (20m) galvanised wire rope
  • Galvanised Wire Rope 13/64” (5mm) diameter
  • Connecting Device Swivel Double Action Snap Hook with Load Indicator
  • Cranking Force 11kg
  • User Weight 310lbs (141kg) including tools and equipment
    551lbs (250kg) for goods lifting only


  • EN 13157
  • ANSI Z359.4:2007
  • OSHA 1910 & OSHA 1926 Subpart M

Principal Materials

  • External Housing Carbon Steel
  • Drum Carbon Steel - cast
  • Crank Handle Carbon Steel - cast
  • Wire Galvanised Steel (Stainless Steel available)
  • Worm Gear Carbon Steel - cast
  • Swivel Load Indicating Hook Steel (Alloy option available)

65ft (20m) Drum Capacity

Drum will accommodate up to 65ft (20m) of galvanised steel wire.


Galvanised Wire Rope

5mm 7x19 Wire Core Right Hand Ordinary Lay.


Deployment Indicator

Fall Arrest Indicator Swivel Hook notifies if the system has been subjected to a shock load.


Winch Bracket

WG-02 winch bracket to fit Checkmate TR3 and TR2 Tripod.


Adjustable Handle

Handle length can be adjusted to increase or reduce torque.


Back Up FABX2R

If using the WG-01 for man-riding applications, a FABX2R is the ideal back-up and rescue device.

Principle Features

  • 1. Pin RestraintsPins are captivated via webbing straps to prevent loss
  • 2. 5mm Galvanised Wire Rope
  • 3. Powder Coated Carbon Steel Housing
  • 4. 20m Capacity Drum Steel cast drum
  • 5. Knurled Nut Allows operative to adjust the length of the crank handle for increased torque
  • 6. Swivel Handle Rotates in the hand when gripped
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