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Xplorer Industrial - Full Body Harness

The Checkmate Xplorer Industrial harness is an incredibly versatile part of your Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS). It’s suited to a wide range of work-at-height applications in all kinds of industries.

With its original design elements and principles coming straight from the adventure park and leisure climbing world, where a need for comfort is a pre-requisite, the Xplorer Industrial harness will keep the user far more comfortable than a conventional harness during short periods of suspension and frequent loadings.

The Xplorer Industrial harness is ANSI / OSHA approved, and suitable for use in the US.

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  • Attachment points Dorsal, side, frontal connection points
  • Hardware Alloy O-rings, D-ring and buckles
  • Webbing Polyester webbing - water repellent, UV resistant
  • Padding Padded mesh design for comfort and breathability
  • Maximum User Weight ANSI: 130 - 310 lb (59 - 141 kg)
    OSHA: 100 - 420 lb (45 - 190 kg)


  • OSHA 1910
  • OSHA 1926 Subpart M
  • ANSI Z359.11-2014
  • ANSI A10.32-2012

Harness Weight

  • 47020 1.7 kg (3.8 lb)
  • 47021 1.9 kg (4.3 lb)
  • 47022 2.2 kg (4.8 lb)

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Alert Stitching

An intuitive way for the harness to effectively communicate with the user or supervisor, the underside or covered stitch patterns are all in bright red. If you see red stitching this indicates incorrect donning.



Designed to be ergonomically suited to fit the body, to reduce webbing wear, to allow easy connections, and to offer critical pivot points that give the user improved flexibility.


Curved Webbing

Unique curved webbing follows the contours of the body for a closer and more comfortable fit.


Sub-Pelvic Assembly

Innovative construction for greater support and unrivalled comfort when suspended.


Personal SRL Connector

Unique, patented installation location for personal SRLs. The slotted insert eliminates the need to adjust webbing beneath harness D-ring.


Quick-Connect Buckles

Easy to use, the lightweight aluminum quick-connect buckles enable the user to quickly don and take off the harness.


Front O-Ring

Large attachment ring for making frontal connections.


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